Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a genetic test?

A genetic test is a way to look your DNA, which makes up the genes, to identify if there are changes (called mutations) that may be the cause or lead to a genetic condition.

  • What will my results tell me?

Your test results will tell you if you have a change in the ENPP1 or ABCC6 gene that may be the cause of your condition.  However, a negative test result does not mean you do not have the condition.  This means a change in these two genes was not found with the current testing methods.

  • How do I get started?

Contact your HCP to let them know you are interested in the genetic testing program.  Your HCP will need to contact PreventionGenetics to obtain information about the program at 1-715-387-0484 and/or e-mail

  • What information does my HCP need to provide when they contact PreventionGenetics?

Your HCP needs to mention Program # SP051 when contacting PreventionGenetics.

  • Who determines if I am eligible for the test?

Your HCP will determine if you are eligible to receive this no-cost genetic test.

  • Will the test require a payment from me or my insurance company?

No, neither you nor your insurance will pay for this test. Inozyme Pharma is sponsoring the genetic testing program at no charge to you or your insurance company.  Inozyme will pay for the test whether a change is found in either gene or not.

  • Will my or my child’s results be kept confidential?

Yes, you or your child’s test results will be kept confidential. You or your child’s genetic testing results will not be shared with your insurance company or Inozyme. Inozyme will receive information regarding the overall testing results for the program but will not be given any identifying information such as you or your child’s name, data of birth or address.   Inozyme will receive the name and contact information of your or your child’s healthcare provider who orders the test.