Inozyme Pharma is a biotechnology company developing new medicines to treat rare disorders of calcification. These diseases are characterized by mineral imbalances, which lead to over calcification of soft tissues and under mineralization of bone.

Inozyme Pharma was founded in 2016 with technology developed in the laboratory of Demetrios Braddock and licensed from Yale University. The company possesses a deep understanding of the biology of calcification which it is using to develop new medicines that have the potential to drastically improve the standard-of-care and change treatment paradigms.

Inozyme has an ongoing collaboration with the laboratory of Demetrios Braddock at Yale University to further characterize disorders of aberrant calcification. This translational research program potentially opens a number of additional indications to drug therapy.

Inozyme Pharma is initially focusing on devastating and debilitating rare diseases that largely impact infants, children and young adults. Inozyme Pharma’s therapeutic approach exploits a fundamental physiological principle that has potential applicability across a number of acute and chronic indications. The company’s research strategy is to further establish several therapeutic applications beyond the pediatric field and to establish clinical development programs in these chronic disorders.

Inozyme’s lead candidate is an enzyme replacement therapy designed to treat calcification disorders of the circulatory system, bone and kidney for which insufficient treatment options currently exist.

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