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Inozyme is a global leader in developing safe, effective therapies for rare mineralization disorders.

Research & Pipeline

We are committed to supporting the needs of patients, living with ENPP1 and ABCC6 Deficiencies, their families and their health care professionals by providing disease education materials, resources and updates on current therapeutic development programs

Given the strength of our preclinical data, our deep relationships with patient communities, and our pioneering research, we are now laser-focused on executing our first two clinical studies in ENPP1 and ABCC6 Deficiency with our lead candidate INZ-701.

Clinical Trials

We are enrolling patients with ENPP1 Deficiency (including GACI and/or ARHR2) or ABCC6 Deficiency in the first clinical trials for a potential new treatment. With you and your patient’s participation, we can better understand this disease and help inform possible future treatment options.

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Genetic Testing

Inozyme provides a global no-cost genetic testing program in partnership with PreventionGenetics to improve the detection and understanding of two rare genetic diseases, ENPP1 Deficiency and ABCC6 Deficiency. Consider this testing program if your patients have experienced symptoms or have been diagnosed with GACI, ARHR2 or PXE.

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Expanded Access

Inozyme understands that some patients with no other viable treatment options may wish to access our medicines before results of a clinical trial are available, or they may not meet the eligibility requirements for an available clinical trial. Inozyme recognizes the need for Expanded Access Programs for these patients.

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