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Committed to restoring health and hope to patients with rare diseases driven by pathologic mineralization and intimal proliferation.

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Collaboration is the core of what we do. Driven by empathy, compassion and tireless innovation, we bring together leading talent to create life-saving therapies for patients and their families.

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We are developing options where none exist, to treat rare diseases impacting the vasculature, soft tissue, and skeleton.

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People with rare diseases need effective therapies. We’re partnering with patients, their families, and their healthcare providers to advance life-changing therapeutic solutions and save lives.

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We are developing a potential first-in-class enzyme therapy to address pathologic mineralization and intimal proliferation.

INZ-701 increases inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi) and adenosine levels by cleaving extracellular ATP throughout the body – mimicking the function of the membrane-bound ENPP1 protein.
INZ-701 is formulated for subcutaneous delivery and designed to have prolonged exposure and elimination phases, making dosing possible at infrequent intervals.
INZ-701 is a novel enzyme therapy that can target genetic and non-genetic diseases which involve low levels of PPi and adenosine – including ENPP1 Deficiency, ABCC6 Deficiency and Calciphylaxis.
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We are enrolling patients with ENPP1 Deficiency or ABCC6 Deficiency (PXE) in the first clinical trials for a potential new treatment. With your participation, we can better understand this disease and help inform possible future treatment options.

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